Speech Therapy Note Templates

Speech Therapy Note Templates Created with You in Mind

Designed in conjunction with speech therapists from across the country, you can be sure our templates have the information you need in a format that works for you as a speech therapist.

With multiple types of initial evaluation forms and treatment plan outlines, our speech therapy note template library is one of the most robust in the market.

Instead of taking the one-size-fits all approach, our note templates are designed specifically for speech therapists, so they include the information you need and leave out everything you don’t. That means you get context specific note templates that allow you to focus on the details that matter to you.

For example, in one of our treatment plan forms, you can specify how often a client has gone to speech therapy in the past and the areas that that therapy addressed, for example: expressive communication skills, receptive communication skills, pragmatic/ social language skills, etc..

Context Specific, Easily Customizable

My Clients Plus has speech therapy notes templates available in SOAP, DAP, and DAR formats. All note templates have fully customizable titles so your notes reflect the way you practice.

With our detailed speech therapy note templates, My Clients Plus makes it easy for you to focus on your clients instead of having to stress about your paperwork.


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