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Loving your job does not mean you have to love every aspect of it. Being a therapist is a worthwhile and fulfilling career choice, but even the most dedicated therapists will tell you that sometimes the work is not all that it is cracked up to be: this complaint is usually directed at the paperwork associated with being a therapist. Most people can spend hours in a room with their clients and can come out feeling much better than if they had spent only an hour doing paperwork.

With My Clients Plus, we make it easier for you to love more of your job. Creating psychotherapy progress notes (among other paperwork) can be cumbersome and time consuming for many therapists--that’s where My Clients Plus comes in. We have created a template library for therapists to use that makes all parts of your job easier. We have psychotherapy progress notes for a variety of situations including individual therapy, family and marriage counseling, and group sessions.

Our psychotherapy progress note templates were designed by therapists for therapists, so you can rest assured they include the information you need. The psychotherapy progress note template from My Clients Plus can be saved directly from the application to your account so you can access it quickly and easily when you need to enter notes for your clients. You can also fully customize the name of the psychotherapy note template when you save it so your notes can reflect the way you practice. With our electronic note templates, your need for paper charts is eliminated so your office can finally go paperless. Additionally, you can rest easy knowing that your notes are protected under our HIPAA compliant encrypted system.

With the My Clients Plus’ template library at your fingertips, you can start focusing more on your clients and less on paperwork.

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