Physical Therapy Documentation Templates

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Proper documentation is one of the most important parts of running a successful physical therapy practice. WIthout proper documentation, you and your practice are vulnerable to lawsuits and fines. There is no need for this to happen to you. Though documentation often seems like administrative work that’s tedious and boring, it is a required (and very necessary) part of your job as a physical therapist.

You may be asking yourself now: how can I ensure all of my physical therapy documentation for a client is complete? The answer is by using My Clients Plus’ robust template library designed specifically for physical therapists to complete your paperwork. In our template library, you will find templates for all the physical therapy documentation you need to have for a client, including initial evaluation, treatment plans, client contract and even a termination summary template.

With our easy to access template library, you can save the note templates that you would like to use directly to your My Clients Plus account so they are easily accessible whenever you are completing documentation for a new physical therapy client. You can also easily customize the template names as you save them to your account so your documents reflect the way you practice.

Our physical therapist template library was created with the help of physical therapists around the country. We have made sure to include the templates (and information) physical therapists use daily, while removing the fields that are not useful to them.


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