Occupational Therapy Assessment Forms

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As an occupational therapists, it’s not always easy to find note templates (or EHR solutions) that work for the unique needs of your job. One size fits all templates rarely work out. The requirements of occupational therapists are different from those in other fields and your notes need to reflect that reality. Especially the initial occupational therapy assessment form. That is why, here at My Clients Plus, we have created assessment form templates specifically for occupational therapists.

Our templates include the information you need, while removing the non-pertinent information you would normally find in other ready-made online form templates. Our templates were created by occupational therapists for occupational therapists to ensure that they met your everyday needs. With My Clients Plus you can access our occupational therapy assessment forms, along with other templates, directly in the application. You can save specific templates you use frequently directly to your account so you can access them quickly and easily. Our templates have fully customizable titles to allow your forms and notes to reflect the way you practice.

With My Clients Plus you can reduce the time you spend on paperwork and increase the time you spend with your clients. Our occupational therapy template library was designed to help busy therapists like you make the most of your time. With our occupational therapy form templates you can properly document your appointments without having to constantly stress about your documentation and time.


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