Client Intake Form Template

Make Client Intake a Breeze

Accepting a new client into your practice can be time-consuming for a variety of reasons. Though no two offices have an identical intake process for a new client, almost every practice can agree the paperwork associated with onboarding a new client is long, complicated, and can often be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. With My Clients Plus you can quickly and easily capture the information you need from your new clients in an easy-to-navigate form. We have multiple client intake forms ready for you to use directly in the My Clients Plus application.

Different intake forms include varying levels of details so you can choose the form that best fits the needs of your office and your onboarding process. Saving client intake form templates to your My Clients Plus account is quick and easy. What’s more, you can customize the name of the client intake template when you save it to you account so your forms reflect the way you practice. The client intake forms, like all of our note templates, also feature fill-in fields that are fully supported by spell-check so you can ensure the information you put in is error free.

Our client intake forms are easy to fill out and are saved directly in your My Clients Plus account so you never have to worry about collecting, losing, and re-collecting paper forms again. All of your client information is secure in our encrypted application. Additionally, you no longer have to stress about the safety of your paper charts with My Clients Plus since you can upload all relevant information directly into the application--making your life easier all the while becoming more environmentally sustainable.  


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