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Accepting new clients can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With My Clients Plus you can minimize your paperwork and maximize the time you spend with your clients. My Clients Plus comes with a range of therapy note templates you can use in your therapy practice everyday to better manage your time.

From conducting an initial evaluation to creating a treatment plan to establishing a client contract, My Clients Plus has you covered with the templates you need. Start a free trial of My Clients Plus today to get started!

Psychotherapy Progress Note Template

Our psychotherapy progress note templates make everyday note taking easier than it has ever been before.

Chiropractic Forms and Templates

Our chiropractic notes and forms template library was designed by chiropractors to ensure our templates meet your everyday needs as a chiropractor.

Speech Therapy Note Templates

Take notes quickly and accurately with our speech therapy note templates. Our templates include the information you need while removing the information you don’t, saving you hassle and time.

Psychiatric Evaluation Template

The initial evaluation a psychiatrist does is crucial to creating a successful treatment plan for a client. Our psychiatric evaluation template includes all of the information you need to properly document your appointment.

Physical Therapy Documentation Templates

Documentation is an important part of physical therapists’ day to day responsibilities. Our documentation templates make it easier for you to record the information you need quickly and effectively.

Occupational Therapy Assessment Forms

We don’t believe in the one size fits all approach at My Clients Plus, that is why our occupational therapy assessment forms were designed exclusively to meet the needs of occupational therapists.

Client Intake Form Template

Getting a new patient can overwhelm you with paperwork, but it doesn’t have to. Our client intake form templates make client onboarding a breeze.


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