Commonly Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for My Clients Plus?

My Clients Plus works on virtually any computer, smartphone, and tablet that has Internet access via a web browser. It will work on a PC, Mac or Linux system.


Do I need to backup my data?

No. My Clients Plus runs redundant server clusters that store your information on multiple machines in real time. The computers are kept behind locked steel doors with video surveillance and logged access of authorized personnel. They are serviced by trained professionals. We also perform nightly offsite backup and archive the data in encrypted form.


Is My Clients Plus HIPAA compliant?

Yes, My Clients Plus is HIPAA compliant.


What type of practitioners use My Clients Plus?

My Clients Plus is used by a wide variety of providers, including Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Marriage and Family Counselors, Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Massage Therapist, Physical Therapists, and Life Coaches — to name just a few.


If I submit claims electronically, can I also submit paper claims?

Yes. You can print paper claims from your computer and mail them. When printing the claims you have a choice to print the claim data on a pre-printed form or on regular printer paper.


Can I access my EOB information through My Clients Plus?

Yes, you can sign up with many insurance payers to have your EOBs (ERAs) sent electronically. The ERA enrollment forms are available here.


Can I auto-post insurance payments?

Yes, when you have your EOBs sent to you electronically (ERAs), posting payments is as easy as a couple of clicks of a button.


How long will it take me to start billing with My Clients Plus?

You can start billing immediately in most cases. There are a few setup screens that need to be completed for your Practice and Client information. If you are billing electronically, there may be a few insurance payers that require pre-enrollment (typically Medicare and a few BCBS or Medicaid depending on the state). These are the links for EDI enrollment forms and ERA enrollment forms for electronic remittance.


Does My Clients Plus have a scheduler?

Scheduling is available via our affiliate company Jituzu. The Jituzu scheduler and credit card integration is included in your My Clients Plus base subscription price. Your Jituzu account is configured to automatically synchronize with your My Clients Plus account so as data is updated in one platform it is automatically updated in the other as well.


How does credit card processing work?

Jituzu integrates credit card processing into your account so you can seamlessly enter your client sessions and charge your co-pays at the same time. To get started with credit card processing, you will need to apply for a merchant account with one of the third party credit card companies that we support. Additional information can be found in your Jituzu account by clicking on My Account and then Merchant Account.


Can more than one person log into an account?

For your protection and in support of HIPAA, only one person can be logged in with a specific username at a time. Don’t worry because you can set up as many usernames as you like to access your account. Multiple usernames can be logged into an account at the same time.


Is there any way to limit the access of additional usernames?

Yes, you can set specific privilege levels by username. You have the option of granting full, view only or restricted (no access) privileges to virtually any menu item.


What kind of security do you use?

All of the data between our servers and your browser is SSL-encrypted. That means it can traverse the Internet, a wireless link, whatever, and will remain encrypted all the way to your browser.


Can I get customer support?

Yes, we offer phone support Monday through Friday or email support at There are no additional fees for technical assistance. We offer free, live webinars to help you get started with My Clients Plus.

There is also a “Help” link located within your account that offers a Downloadable User Guide as well as several video tutorials.


What does the free 21-day Trial offer?

The free 21-day trial is a fully functioning account. It will perform all the functions of a paid account including electronic billing. It is typically the account that you continue using when you choose My Clients Plus as your billing option. Everything entered in your trial account will carry over to your paid account.


What happens when my free 21-day trial ends?

When you reach the end of your free 21-day trial, we will prompt you for a payment method the next time you log in. Simply enter your payment information and we will charge your account monthly.


What happens if I leave My Clients Plus for any reason?

You have up to 30 days after your paid membership to request a free CSV download of your data. That will allow you to convert to a new billing system or view your data in Excel or other program capable of reading the CSV file format. We also offer to hold an account for up to 6 months at no charge for purposes of family leave or sabbatical.

Been using MCP for 3 plus years now. I am a psychologist in private practice. I find this very easy to use. I use it for my progress note as well as sending in claims.

Pas C.